works in fiber

a network of beads spirals up from an open palm embroidered on a background of peach fading into magenta
A red felted rock sits on an open palm filling the composition. The fabric is painted with a background of purple and green and embroidered with seed stitch and an outline around the hand
two rock cairns balance side by side, one black and white and on in color on a yellow, white, and blue background of tie-dyed patterns. A yellow circle floats behind them covered by red stitched rings. The shapes are outlined in satin stitch and the foreground is covered by rows of running stitch.
the sign language symbol for touch is stitched in a black outline on a sea green cloth with circles of pink and white textures stitched underneath
a detail view of pink and white texture stitches and beading inside circles on a sea-green cloth
a multicolored left hand and pink right hand have open palms overlapped on a black background with seed stitches. A piece of textured red clay tile sits on the right hand. A black outline of a diagram of a spinning top is on the left hand, a row of repeating words saying turn borders the bottom edge
concentric circles of yellow, orange, and red french knots fill the background behind a printed pattern of black clusters with red dots behind a purple net of reverse-appliqued fabric
a 4x4 grid of colorful patchwork cloth pieces each has a portrait stitched in black thread
a closeup portrait of a mother with her child looking over her shoulder stitched in black thread over a 3x3 grid patchwork of colorful patterned fabrics
a closeup portrait of woman with short hair stitched in black thread over a 3x3 grid patchwork of colorful patterned fabrics
embroidery on digitally printed fabric
embroidery  and beading on digitally printed fabric
embroidery on applique and dye print
embroidery and applique on vintage patchwork
embroidery on appliqued, shibori, rust-printed, and discharged fabrics
embroidery on photo transfer on cotton
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